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Why us?

We do not merely wash your deck and apply some cheap top coat water repellent on the surface, such as Thompsons or a stain that sits on the surface ready to wear off in a year.  Instead, we provide a material that will seal your deck for a lifetime.

The way we see it, if you get rid of the water in your wood, you get rid of the problems. This is what Apple Shield does when the wood is cleaned properly and Apple Shield is applied according to the manufactures specifications.

How it works

  1. We don’t merely wash your deck like others do, but we strip, clean, seal, and stain your deck. We use a high end material that penetrates into the wood, lifting up and out all of the dirt, grime, stain and paints from the pours of your deck.
  2. We use a Power washer, that’s equipped with heater, to strip the mold, dirt, stain, and paint from the top surface of the wood. The heater makes the temperature of the water to about 170 degrees.
  3. We hand spray “with a low pressure bug sprayer” 1 gallon per 100 square feet of Apple Shield Deep Penetrating Sealer on your wood surfaces. This treatment will penetrate into the pores of the wood, and will protect the wood from moisture related issues. This material sells for $125.00 per gallon.
  4. We sand all the fibers and rough areas, such as handrails, spindles and floorboards, to make it splinter free.
  5. We apply two coats of SIKKENS Semi Transparent Deck Stain on the wood surfaces. We apply this material by brush, so it can deeply penetrate to guarantee a lock-tight seal. You can purchase SIKKENS Cetal DEK Deck Stain at Pamperin’s Paint and Decorating for $85.00+ per gallon.